Hair Maintenance Products

Suitable for Men and Women

Regenepure DR is a sulfate and paraben free hair shampoo.

Tackle Hair Fall with Regenepure Products

The entire Regenepure line has been voted the best hair and scalp treatment for men and women because of our dedication to quality, effective ingredients without the harmful chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. If you're a beginner looking to tackle hair fall and prepare the scalp for healthy growth, you should look into purchasing the Regenepure Kit, which contains Regenepure DR and NT. Alternating between the DR and NT helps make the products more effective, while also preventing over-drying of the scalp. The NT is a nourishing treatment that also stimulates the follicles with its components of caffeine, saw palmetto extract, and more. Together, the DR and NT are incredible hair fall curbing products.