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Effective and proven products for hair thinning, damaged hair, hair loss, hair growth and regrowth for men and women. 

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Maciej Wiankowskion

My hair feels fuller and full of life again. After I used it for the first time I noticed a difference in my hair, my hair felt healthy and bouncy again and now I have been using it for a while my hair looks in good condition and shiny. You don't need a lot of shampoo to get a really good wash and I leave it on for 2 minutes and rinse off. I will continue to use this shampoo as I love it.

Mark Wright

I have to admit that upon hearing about this product I was very skeptical; I have a cousin who is a current user, is the one that told my wife about it. After using it for 60 days now I have seen the difference in my hair, but more importantly my wife and three daughters have really been able to tell a difference. I am now a strong believer and will continue to use this product.


Minoxidil, the Next Step in Growing Hair

The minoxidil 5% concentration increased hair growth by 45%. This was proven more effective for men. 54% of the patients showed regrowth of hair with this concentration. Similar results showed for women where it was observed that in thinning areas, hair grew after a year along with hair thickening. 

Myths about Hair Loss

We’ve all heard the many myths about hair loss. “If you keep wearing a hat, you’re going to go bald,” “If you’re going bald, you have too much tes...

The Growth and Loss of Hair

Hair provides no vital function for humans, but its psychological effect is nearly immeasurable. Luxurious scalp hair expresses femininity for wom...

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